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New to Club - Understanding Costs?

  1. How much does club volleyball cost?
    1. There is a large variance in cost for club volleyball.  Before you tryout, make sure you know the club fee.  Clubs do not always post their club fees on their websites.  If it is not posted, it is not cheap.  Tryouts also involve a tryout fee, and usually offer discounts for signing up early, and signing up online ($35-$100).  Club fees will range between $500 to $4000+, depending on the club and team. 
    2. Travel and hotels for players and parents are additional and not included in the club fee.  Some clubs also charge extra for uniforms.   Compare the entire package when considering cost. Understand where you will be travelling.  For example, a hotel in D.C. for President's Day can run close to $375 per night with a 2-3 night required stay, while a Hampton Inn in Richmond might cost $125 per night.  Some clubs also schedule tournaments that involve airfare.
    3. Girls will also need to be registered for USAV (via Sports Engine) and AAU Volleyball
  2. Why so much variance in cost?  There are many factors that make up the club fee. 
    1. Profit vs non-Profit.  Some clubs are run as a business.  A business earns a profit.  Profits are built into the club fee.  Other clubs may be run as a non-profit organization that is not operating with the bottom-line in mind.
    2. Gym costs.  Gym time is the largest expense for a club.  Be sure to know how many hours per week the team will practice, and when the club season starts and ends. 
    3. Coaching.  The best coaches are sometimes paid more than other coaches.  Some clubs have technical directors and master coaches that are tasked with training coaches and players, instead of being assigned to a team which drives up costs.
    4. Administrative Staff.  Larger clubs have full time employees.  Smaller clubs may be run by parents or volunteers.  Employees get paid more than volunteers.   
    5. Swag.  The uniform package varies greatly from each club.  Some clubs only provide a jersey and backpack, while others make you purchase 3 jerseys, backpack, warm-up, spandex, socks, and sneakers.  Some clubs will not include the uniform package in your club fee, while others may give a discount for returning players keeping their old jersey and backpack.  Some clubs insist on Nike or Adidas while others use cheaper names.  A uniform package is usually part of the club fee and could cost the parent from $75 to as much as $500+.
    6. The number of tournaments entered, and number of multi-day tournaments.  Multi Day tournaments are generally twice the price.  In addition, the club generally pays for the coach’s hotel rooms and travel. Tournaments that involve airfare and have multiple coaches and administrators attending the tournament can add significant costs to the club fee.
    7. Strength training and conditioning is offered by some clubs which involves a dedicated strength trainer and additional gym time. These sessions may be mandatory or voluntary, but the trainer gets paid either way.
    8. Some clubs offer ‘free’ skills training clinics in addition to the regular practice time.  These sessions are built into your club fee, as the coach and gym rental are not 'free'.